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The Beth-El Center's mission is to extend dignity and respect to all individuals and families while connecting them to housing, food and services within their communities.

Our vision is to create a community where everyone is home and all are fed!

Beth-El Center is a 501c3, nonprofit organization that has two programs: a 34 bed homeless shelter and a food service program.  [ more ]

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News and Tools for Landlords + Connections to Qualified Tenants

Join Beth-El Center's Landlord Engagement Network which is centered on building relationships with respective landlords in the greater Milford area. The Network offers opportunities for landlords to build relationships with other landlords, financial partners and potential tentants. [ more ]

Mother and Son Search for Stable Housing

April and her son Anthony found themselves in need of shelter after having faced unimaginable challenges. April had been living with her parents for many years and had left her job to become their primary caretaker when they became ill. She took care of her mom who suffered from cancer and also cared for her stepfather.

After her parents passed, she ended up losing their house and had few options of places to live. April and her son had been staying with friends and at hotels as long as they could. They ran out of places and people to turn to before they came to the Beth-El Center. [ more ]

Single Mother and Her Daughters Face Homelessness

Leilany has had to overcome many of life's difficulties.

She came to the northeast from Puerto Rico after surviving Hurricane Maria. After enduring 16 hours of the storm and then living without electricity, fresh water or the proper medication and physician's care for her disabled daughter, Leilany and two of her three daughters moved to the states to live with cousins, friends and then with her girls' father in an apartment in CT. [ more ]

Beth-El Center Receives Funding from the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal

Beth-El Center homeless shelter and community kitchen in Milford, a provider of emergency housing and food programs, recently received a $4,690 donation from the Archbishop's Annual Appeal through its Vicariate Outreach Program.

This funding will be used to support the operation of the Beth-El Center's emergency homeless shelter, food programs and support services for men, women, veterans and families in the Milford, shoreline and Valley areas who are experiencing homelessness. [ more ]

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