Stories of Support, Hope & Change

Each year the Beth-El Center changes many lives. Below are just a few for your reflection. If you are inspired by these stories, please Donate to Beth-El Center Today!

Assistance for Struggling Families

Beth-El Center has been helping individuals and families, like Christian, Xiomary and their two children, who find themselves in desperate situations and need a place to stay and time to stabilize in order to get their lives back on track. When this family came to Connecticut from ...

Couple Lives in Woods Before Finding Assistance

Paul, a Milford native, was an employed locally as an accountant when problems with a torn retina caused him to become legally blind and unable to work.

Car Accident Changes Lives of Local Couple

James and Melissa had their car packed up and were ready to move south, leaving their home in New Haven when a devastating hit and run car accident changed the trajectory of their lives.

Formerly Unsheltered Homeless Man and Dog Transition to Apartment

When Mike moved from Waterbury to Milford, he didn't have a place to live. He stayed with friends, but spent most of his time living unsheltered behind the Devon Hotel or sleeping in the gazebo on the Green...

Single Woman Relies on Food Support for Stability

Susan regularly uses Beth-El Center's Soup Kitchen to supplement her food needs. She takes a bus from her apartment almost daily to get the hot lunch and a bagged meal- to-go that Beth- El Center offers.

Single Mother Finds Housing Stability

Katie was employed full-time but needed assistance in finding affordable housing. Beth-El Center helped her get a Section 8 housing voucher and aid for a rental security deposit.

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