Single Mother and Daughters Overcome Homelessness

Leilany has had to overcome many of life's difficulties.

She came to the northeast from Puerto Rico after surviving Hurricane Maria. After enduring 16 hours of the storm and then living without electricity, fresh water or the proper medication and physician's care for her disabled daughter, Leilany and two of her three daughters moved to the states to live with cousins, friends and then with her girls' father in an apartment in CT.

One of Leilany's daughters has a seizure disorder, is confined to a wheelchair and requires 24-hour care. Leilany is her full-time caregiver. Overwhelmed by his responsibility, the girls' father abandoned the family, leaving Leilany alone to care for her children and face possible eviction from their apartment.

Forced to leave her apartment, Leilany and her girls were facing homelessness. Desperate for a new place to live, Leilany contacted the 2-1-1 Coordinate Access Network. They set her up at a hotel before connecting her to the Beth-El Center.

Since April, Leilany and her two girls have been staying in Beth-El's shelter family area which includes a large living room, a handicapped-accessible kitchen and a computer lab.

"The staff and case managers at Beth-El Center make you feel like you're in the place where you should be," says Leilany. "I don't feel alone anymore."

With Beth-El Center's assistance, Leilany has just found her dream home fully handicapped-accessible and even close to the water.

"Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts," Leilany says. "You all have made the biggest difference."

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