Mother and Son Search for Stable Housing

April and her son Anthony found themselves in need of shelter after having faced unimaginable challenges. April had been living with her parents for many years and had left her job to become their primary caretaker when they became ill. She took care of her mom who suffered from cancer and also cared for her stepfather.

After her parents passed, she ended up losing their house and had few options of places to live. April and her son had been staying with friends and at hotels as long as they could. They ran out of places and people to turn to before they came to the Beth-El Center.

Caring for her son, who has autism, is one of April's top priorities. Finding a stable environment where Anthony can be comfortable and even thrive is what April longs for. Together they enjoy the simple things in life like going out to eat, playing video games and shopping.

The Beth-El Center has helped April and Anthony obtain their proper personal documents and assist them in their search for an apartment. April now has a part time job at a local supermarket and is looking for a place to live along the bus line so she can easily get to and from work.

"Tomeka was great--she helped me get my license renewed and helped Anthony get his first ID. Beth-El Center helped me get a job. Everybody here is wonderful." says April. "I'm looking forward to finding a new place and a new start."

As April continues her search for an affordable apartment, we remain committed to offering guidance and assistance every step of the way. Your belief in our mission and your ongoing contributions make these transformations possible.

Thank you for being an essential part of April and Anthony's journey towards stability and hope. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to sharing more success stories made possible by donors like you.

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